Move My Contacts Transfers a User’s Entire Address Book From One Mobile Phone to Another Quickly, Easily and Securely

Transfer ContactsTaking away the hassle of moving contacts from one phone to another, particularly when swapping manufacturer, OS or network provider, Move My Contacts is simple and secure to use.

Offering the ability to manage contacts online and a 24/7 back up, the service is also the perfect safeguard should your phone be damaged lost or stolen.

Offering 2 different account types, you can sign up for a 30 Day or 12 Month subscription at £4.95 and £9.95 respectively.

The 12 Month Subcription therefore offers 12 times the benefit of a 30 day Subscription for just £5.00 extra!

Try Move My Contacts today at:


15 Years of Toffa International

Toffa International Ltd is proud to announce its 15th anniversary this January. As the leading developer of mobile synchronization solutions, in an era where software companies come and go, Toffa has achieved 15 years of innovation and steady growth.


Toffa would like to commemorate the occasion by offering everyone 15% of all Toffa’s products on Monday 17th January 2011.

This includes all types of subscription for Groupwise, GooSync, and AddressBookONE.

No matter what service you may purchase on Monday 17th January, you will receive a 15% discount. This offer will only be available for 24 hours, so make sure you take advantage on the 17th. The Voucher code required for this offer is “TOFFA15ANN”


Toffa began operations in 1996 when Chris Jukes, the company’s founder and Director, released SyncWise, the world’s first desktop sync solution dedicated to Novell GroupWise and the Palm OS platform. SyncWise evolved into SyncWisePro which quickly established itself as a complete, easy-to-use solution for synchronisation between Novell GroupWise and the fast growing Palm OS based devices.

The early success of SyncWisePro indicated a growing demand for corporate data on the move; this demand became overwhelming with the incredible growth of PDA’s and executive smartphones. Seeing the opportunity, Toffa developed a server based sync solution SyncWiseEnterprise, this was the world’s first SyncML server for Novell GroupWise and only the second overall. By adopting this fresh new standard for mobile data synchronisation Toffa were able to synchronize a users Novell GroupWise system with almost any mobile device from almost anywhere in the world. This meant that people could now have their corporate e-mail, appointments, contacts and tasks up to date and in the palm of their hand.

Toffa launched GooSync in 2007 to meet the demands of the ever growing dependency of Google calendar, contacts and tasks.  GooSync’s popularity meant that it quickly became Toffa’s new flagship product, thanks to over 400,000 registrations. GooSync is still going strong today and offers an invaluable service between your Google account and phone.

More recently, Toffa introduced AddressBookONE, a contact web portal that brings all of your contacts into one place…

Toffa’s continual upgrading of existing products reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, powerful, and robust solutions for mobile synchronisation. “Our success and longevity is due to our ability to maintain focus and continue to stay at the forefront of what is a rapidly evolving world of mobile technologies,” states Toffa CEO Chris Jukes. “We’re now a global company with more than 800,000 people currently using our software worldwide, and our partner channel spans over 50+ countries and four continents.”

A Bostin Nativity Tale

A bostin Black country story sent to me by Jayne Howarth.

There was this wench called Mary and ‘er lived in a place called Nazareth. One day ‘er mom went out and ‘er was left to do the ‘ousework.

All of a sudden the room went all bright and when ‘er turned round ‘er saw somebody standin’ by the winder. ‘Er weren’t arf surprised and nearly fell off ‘er chair.

Cowin’ ‘ell, it’s a babby

“Oom yo?” ‘er asked. “Yo day arf give me a turn!”
“Doh be scared,” answered the bloke. “I wo ‘urt ya. Me name’s Gabriel and I’m an angel.”
“You ‘ay am ya?” asked Mary.
“I am. An’ I’ve come to tell ya sommat. You’m gooin’ to ‘ave a babby.”
That shook Mary. “Doh be daft. I ay married.”
“That doh mek any difference. If God says yo’ll ‘ave a babby yo’ll ‘ave a babby an’ that’s it. Yo’ve gotta name ‘im Jaysus.”
“Well if yo say so I s’pose that’s it. I cor do anythin’ about it but me chap wo arf be surprised.”
When ‘ed gone Mary sat about for a bit an’ thought about it, then ‘er med ‘er mind up to go and see Elizabeth. So ‘er ‘ad a cup of char and med off to Juda.

When ‘er got there, Elizabeth was waiting at the gate an when ‘er saw Mary ‘er sed “I ay arf glad to see ya, but fancy yo comin to see we in yower state.”
Mary answered: “an angel come an sid me an I’m gooin to ‘ave a babby in December.”
They went into the ‘ouse an’ Elizabeth med a cup o’ tay. ‘Er told Mary that ‘er old man Zacharias, day believe ‘er when ‘er told ‘im about the babby and ‘e was speechless.
The chap what Mary was engaged to was called Joseph. When Mary told ‘im about the babby ‘er was ‘avin, ‘e day know what to think.
‘E said: “Yower mum wo arf kick up a chow row. ‘Er’s bound to blame me. An’ they wo’ arf rattle down our street. It ay good enough.”
Any road ‘e day get ‘is ‘air off an’ when ‘e went to bed that night an angel come to ‘im in a dream.
Soon after they was married Joseph came in and told Mary that ‘e ‘ad ‘ad a letter from the tax man saying they ‘ad got to goo to where they was born to be taxed.
“We gotta traipse all the way to Bethlehem next wick,” ‘e said.
Mary cut some sandwiches an’ packed a few cakes an opples. Then er med a bottle of tay (they day ave thermoses then!) an when they’d ad a daysent brekfust Joseph got the donkey out, put Mary on it and away they went.
“Cheer up our kid. It ay far now,” Joseph told er. “Yo can see the lamps of Bethlehem down the road. We’ll soon ave a rest. I shore be sorry neither. I keep gettin bricks and sond in me sandals.”
When they got into town Joseph knocked on the door of an inn an asked for a double room. The bloke wot answered said: “I cor elp yer. There’s that many on em ere they’m ‘avin’ to sleep in the passage.”
The next un was like it an all, but Joseph sed to the chap, “ain’t there nowhere we can goo? My missus is gonna ave a babby soon!”
The chap scratched is yed then e ad an idea. E said: “we cleaned the stable out after tea so it ay mucky. If I shift a couple of ‘osses and a camel, yo cud kip down theyer.”
Joseph day even bother to ask Mary. “We’ll tek it!”
In the night Mary woke Joseph and sed “the babby’s ere.”
Mary an Joseph wor arf proud. They ad a drink to wet is yed.
Up in the ills there was some shepherds lookin after the shayp. It was cold an they were sittin by the fire lettin the dogs do the werk while they ad sommat to eat an a smoke.

Suddenly the sky lit up like bonfire night an an angel come. They day know owt about angels an they were that frit they all fell on the ground.

Wim sure the babby’s dowen there

“Yo’m a silly lot,” said the angel. “I shore urt yer. There’s a babby bin born in Bethlehem. Is name’s Jaysus an e’s God’s son. Goo an ave a look at im.”
Any road up they come in the town. One of em said: “It’s or right ‘im sayin we’ll find the babby in a stable, but they’m all over the place. We could be lookin’ for wicks.”
‘Is friend snapped at im. “Why doh yo shut yer moanin? Us two’ll look this side an yo pair look the other. It ai much use lookin in stables what’m shut. An if there’s a new babby they’ll a the light on.”

Then they ‘eard their mate’s whistle outside a stable. Someone whispered “doh mek such a clatter, we’m in ere.”
One knocked on the door and Mary called “come in”.
“Adoo Missus,” said the chief shepherd. “An angel towd us to come and see yer babby.”
While all this was gooin on three wise kings was in a country far away lookin at stars. One on em put down is telescope and said, ” I’ve funa star what wor there afore an it ay arf a big un.”
They went off to Bethlehem an all.
They took im some pressies.
They gid im the gold, frankinsense and myrrh.
Mary looked at the presents an said, “thank you they’m smashin. But I’ll kip em till e’s bigga if yo do mind.” The kings took off their crowns and bowed.
Then they all sed “Tarrah” an went all the way back wum.

Win an iPad: Refer a Friend Competition

The AddressBookONE team are offering you the chance to get your hands on a much sought after Apple iPad.

To enter the competition all you have to do is Refer a Friend to the AddressBookONE service.

For every friend that you refer you will receive a separate entry, so the more referrals you make, the bigger the chance you’ll have of winning.

To Refer a Friend, you can click the ‘Refer a Friend’ button found on the right hand side of the Dashboard.

Alternatively you can simply follow this link

Happy Referring and Good Luck,

The AddressBookONE Team

Exchange Connection Now Available

Shortly after the launch of AddressBookONE last week, it became apparent that the Exchange connection was not performing as expected. Unfortunately we had to take the decision to remove Exchange from the list of available connections as it wasn’t allowing us to provide our usual level of service.

Following the efforts of our development team, we are pleased to announce that the Exchange connection is now available, and can be selected from the connections list.

The Exchange connection is available to all subscribers to AddressBookONE, but subscribers to the free Standard service are limited to 3 connections. In order to sync AddressBookONE with an unlimited number of connections, now including; Exchange, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and Plaxo, and take advantage of our Phone sync and Premium Customer Support, you can purchase a Premium account.

For a limited time only you can purchase a 12 month Premium account at our special Early Bird price of just £19.95. This is £10 cheaper than the normal price, representing more than a 30% discount.

To purchase a Premium account click here.

Or to upgrade your Standard AddressBookONE account click here.

To find out more about AddressBookONE you can visit our homepage here.

Early Bird Special Offer – Over 30% Discount!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new service, AddressBookONE, we will be offering an initial Early Bird price of £19.95 for a 12 month Premium subscription. This represents a saving of £10.00 off the normal price of £29.95.

The Early Bird price will be available for a limited time only, but if you take advantage now you will be able to enjoy a saving of over 30% and benefit from our Premium account features:

  • Mobile Device Sync
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Premium Customer Support

Visit now and click “Buy Premium” to take advantage of this offer.

Make sure you register before the Early Bird ends!

The AddressBookONE Team.

AddressBookONE Goes Live

On the 13th September 2010, the AddressBookONE service was officially launched.

AddressBookONE is a contact web portal, collating your scattered contacts and multiple address books into one simple, intuitive user interface. Bringing together contact information from Gmail, Plaxo, LinkedIn and Facebook, amongst others.

The main features that AddressBookONE offers are:

  • Single Point of Management: Bringing all your contact data together in one easy to manage, intuitive user interface.
  • Contact Merge: Merges multiple instances of the same contact to give a more complete single view for each contact record and eliminates duplicate data.
  • Mobile Device Sync: Synchronizes AddressBookOne with almost any mobile phone or PDA. Allowing you to manage your mobile contacts and putting all other desired contact data in the palm of your hand.
  • Social Contact Connections: Share your AddressBookOne contact profile with other users.
  • Feature Rich Contacts Manager: Edit existing contacts and add new ones, organize contacts by single or multiple groups, star and hide contacts and filter data displayed.

There are two types of subscription available, Standard and Premium:

  • Sign up to our Standard service, and use AddressBookONE for free
  • Sign up to our Premium service NOW and take advantage of our ‘Early Bird’ price of just £19.95 for 12 months, saving you £10.00 (representing a discount of over 30%), as well as benefiting from our Premium features;
    • Mobile Device Sync
    • Unlimited Social Connections
    • Premium Customer Support

AddressBookONE closed Beta testing programme launched

The AddressBookONE team are pleased to announce that the closed Beta testing programme was released yesterday (17th August) and we have already received loads of great feedback.

Of course this feedback allows us to iron out any small bugs, but it also gives us the opportunity to respond to your needs and wants, so that we can provide the best service possible.

Go over to the AddressBookONE site now to register your interest!